• How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

  • Welcome to Huda Al Noor International School

    • Our Objectives

      Maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill and Must attain the highest academic standard.


      The school provides a well-stocked maintained library with book lending facilities for students and teachers.


      Get professional education and reliable consultation by our team of certified teachers and instructors.


      Upon successful completion receive a certificate showing your achievement for completing one of our rigorous classes.

  • The motto of our school is ‘THROW LIGHT THROUGH GENERATIONS’ The deeper you dive into the ocean of knowledge, the more precious pearls you gather.

    • Depth of Educational

      We, at HANIS, strive to take our students to the profound depth of educational journey beyond the boundaries of cast and creed,

    • Lifelong Learners

      region and religion in order to provide the world with broad and bright-minded individuals with an enthusiasm to be lifelong learners.

    • Activities

      Our aim is to impart academic excellence along with wide range of extra-curricular activities

    • Challenging Society.

      in order to create academically, socially, physically and mentally groomed individuals who are capable of critical thinking in this ever-challenging society.

    • Students and Parents

      We aspire to create a social environment which fosters a climate of frankness, trust and teamwork amongst our faculty, students and parents